Drive And Grow Rich – Here’s How To Profit While Commuting

Drive And Grow Rich – Here’s How To Profit While Commuting

Today, just like yesterday and the day before, you will make your way through heavy traffic traveling to and from your job. It’s certainly not the favorite part of your day, but in our modern world, it’s often a necessity.

New studies show the average person in the average big city is spending 240 hours per year commuting. That’s a LOT of time just looking out the window, time you could be putting to very good use.

Recently I created a monthly series of audio CDs that feature interviews with self-made millionaires and business leaders. People listen to the CDs while driving to work. Many of the ideas, strategies, and tips in the series are revolutionary for most people.

The rich usually got where they are because they know and believe things the rest of us don’t. Let me share a few of those important thoughts with you:

(1) You will never earn a LOT of money as an employee. Unless you’re the CEO of a large company, or even the top level manager of a large mid-sized business, government statistics reveal the vast majority of us will never earn more than a modest living.

I know, there are all kinds of stories floating around about this person or that who are getting paid big bucks, but extensive studies show big paychecks are the rare exception.

(2) To earn BIG money, you MUST own your own business. It’s that simple. The rich are almost always business owners. Billionaires are ALWAYS business owners. It’s the ONLY way, short of winning the lottery, to earn a great deal of money.

(3) You don’t need your own money to make money. One thing I quickly learned after interviewing countless wealthy individuals is they insist on running their businesses on OTHER people’s money. They even have a term for it — OPM — Other People’s Money. Along with that belief are a whole system of skills used to find and enlist investors who pay for your business.

(4) Don’t buy the things you want and need. The wealthy often have simple ways to get much of what they want for free. They get free stuff from suppliers, free advertising from media, even free trips and vacations to the world’s top destinations.

(5) Most important, keep in mind becoming wealthy is largely a state of mind. If you can THINK like a wealthy person, you will become wealthy.

I also want to stress there is more to being wealthy than just having a lot of money. All that cash will do little good if you’re still unhappy, or have bad relationships, or don’t feel good about yourself. Right along with learning how to make money, also discover the methods to insure a highly successful life.